With the advent of smart phones, mobile application development has become a challenge for every professional developer. With the smart phone industry experiencing immense competition, mobile applications today have to not only be interactive and user friendly but also functional and responsive.

PixaBit Technologies has a pool of multi-talented mobile application developers who have the ability to build top notch mobile applications on the Titanium framework.

With the increase in demand for complex smart phone applications, our developers have the finesse to build an extensive range of feature-rich applications on the Titanium framework. Using Titanium, our developers utilize trendy and powerful web technologies and create applications that are compatible on various devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Titanium being open source, our developers have free and easy access to the framework that enable us to develop cost effective and powerful mobile applications. Titanium allows our developers to offer highly flexible and scalable cross platform mobile apps with unlimited functionality.

We put our best foot forward to invest money in insightful conferences so that our developers remain updated about the latest technologies. This is the reason why we have been able to gain worldwide customer support. Our dynamic team has intimate knowledge about PixaBittitanium development and there is no reason denying the fact that satisfaction is at our client’s doorstep if they choose to avail the benefits of our services.

Key Features of Appcelerator’s Titanium Studio

Relatively High Performance
Supports iOS, Android and HTML5
Easy to Learn and Use
Customized Objective-C or Java Support
Free and Open Source Software
Offers Unlimited Extensibility
Extremely Simple Language
Create Rich-Internet Mobile Apps
Rapid Prototyping
Highly Flexible & Scalable
Cross-platform Support
Very high level of Code Reusability
Supports 5000+ Native APIs
Supports Ajax and JavaScript Frameworks

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